Snorkeling in Angthong

On the last stop of our day trip to Angthong National Marine Park we got to choose from snorkeling and relaxing at the beach, climbing up to a view point or hiking some track to see the monkeys. But since we already had been kayaking and climbing up to another view point earlier during the day we choose to relax on the beach and do some snorkeling. It wasn’t super clear water and not a lot of fishes. But it was soo relaxing, I love to go snorkeling and whenever I get a chance to do it, I go for it.

I saw some sea urchins, sea cucumbers, fishes and the coral reef.


Even though we didn’t do the hiking to see the monkeys, we did see some at the beach! They were super cute! One of them was carrying a baby.



To get to the first stop of this day trip, we all got in the water and went kayaking. Unfortunately we weren’t the only ones doing this, so most of the time we had to watch out for everyone else. Let’s just say everyone didn’t really know how to do this. We’re not professionals ourselves but at least we knew when to turn, haha..