Q&A - Au Pair - frågor i matchningsprocessen

Fick en fråga om vad man kan ställa för frågor till familjerna man blir matchad med, tänkte att jag lägger upp hela listan på frågor jag hade i ett word-dokument. Om det är någon mer som undrar över nåt, bara fråga! :)
Jennie - Hej! Undrar om du har några tips på vad man ska ställa för frågor till familjerna? Tycker det är så himla svårt...

The children

·         How many children do you have?

·         How old are your children?

·         What are the names of your children?

·         What personality characteristics do your children have? / What are the children’s personalities like?

·         How does the kids get along with each other?

·         Is there anything in specific I should know about the children?

·         What responsibilities will I have regards to each child?

·         What would you like me to do with the children?

·         What do the children like to do? What are their hobbies and interests?

·         How does the children feel about having an au pair?

·         Am I allowed to invite other au pairs with kids for playdates?

·         What do you think is most important when you raise a child?

·         How do you react when the kids are mean to each other/someone else, and how would you like me to act?

·         How do the children feel about a new au-pair joining the family? Did the family have a good relationship with the last au-pair?

·         (Are the kids potty trained?)


The family

·         What are your family's needs and expectations?

·         Do both you and your husband/wife work? (If yes, where do you work? Do you work outside your home?)

·         Do you have any animals? If yes – what responsibilities will I have with it?

·         How important is religion to your family? Do you go to church often?

·         What are your family's hobbies and interests?

·         What do you do in your spare time as a family? Do you as a family has any interests or activities?

·         How does your family celebrate holidays and birthdays in your home? Would I be able to join?

·         If you go on a vacation/on holidays, is your Au Pair welcome to come with you?

·         How much time would we spend together as a family?

·         Would you think of me as a family member or as an employee?



The schedule/my assignments

·         Other than caring for the children, what else would you expect me to do? (What duties would I perform? What household tasks do you need my help with?)

·         How would a typical day look like for me in your family?

·         Would I have the same schedule every day during the week?

·         Would my schedule change during the summer/other times during the year?

·         Do I have the weekends off?


The house and the area

·         Where do you live? In the city, in the suburb or in the countryside?

·         What does your neighborhood/area look like?

·         What does your house look like?

·         How would my room look like? Would I have my own bathroom?

·         Do you have Internet, which I can connect to my own computer?

·         What can I do with the children in the area?

·         What can I do in my spare time in the area?

·         Are there any colleges or universities in the area where you live?

·         Are there other Au Pairs in the area you live in?

·         Is there a public transportation system in the area you live in?

·         Ask about the climate.

·         What type of clothes should I bring?

·         (Could you send my some pictures of the house, my room, the kids and other things you'd like to show me?)



·         Do you have any specific rules I should know about when it comes to the children?

·         Do you have any specific "house rules" that I would have to follow?

·         Would I have a curfew? (If I'm working the next day/If I'm free the next day)

·         Would I be allowed to have friends come over to the house?

·         Do you have any special rules? (Friends over, sleepovers, times when I have to be home etc.)



·         Would I be driving the children? How often/how far?

·         Would I have access of a car in my spare time?
(If yes:

v  Would I be allowed to drive wherever I would like with the car?

v  Or would I only be allowed to drive in specific areas?

v  Would I be allowed to drive on any kinds of roads?

v  Would I have to pay the gas by myself?)

·         Would I have a curfew on the car?

·         Would I have to get an American driving license in the state you live in?



·         What made you interested in my application?

·         What do you expect of me as an au pair?

·         What qualities do you look for in an au pair?

·         Why do you need an au pair/Why are you interested in having an au pair?

·         Have you had an Au Pair before?